Hillary 2016? How about Obama today?












Why are so many Democrats and progressives so anxious to put Obama in the rear view mirror?

As someone who considers himself a liberal progressive, I enjoy the Bill Press show, and I have a lot of respect for the man himself. He does his homework on the issues, unlike a few others I could name, and that does make a difference. This morning, however, I have to say I was a little disappointed with a particular conversation Press was having with a guest on his show from the liberal progressive organization Emily’s List ( I’m a fan of this organization as well).

Certainly Press is far from the first from his side of the fence to begin chanting “Hillary 2016”, in 2013, but I guess I was hoping perhaps he might be one of the more thoughtful types to realize how far away 2016 really is – and how important it is to remain focused on the mountain of issues confronting President Obama right now today.  Hillary may run in 2016, and then again she might not. If she does run, and if she manages to win, then she will have her chance to continue the fight, and on her own terms. But for now it is Obama’s fight, and it is one hell of a fight in case anyone was paying attention.

The real problem here is the somewhat infantile attention span of much of the media these days. The tendency far too often is to leap toward something shiny and new rather than continue to delve into anything more complex – and less ‘sexy’. Voter suppression and the ongoing futile attacks to dismantle Obamacare are not sexy stories. But the possibility of the first female president following on the heels of the first African American president is just too sexy for words. Much more fun to discuss the what ifs and wows of a story that hasn’t even happened yet than to be forced to confront the realities of what is confronting all of us right now.

Hillary 2016? How about Obama today?

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