Hang on Detroit, help just might be on the way…

So it’s starting to look like the Obama administration’s series of strategy meetings with local leaders trying to figure a way to give the ‘D’ the financial assistance it so badly needs is starting to bear some fruit. According to a story in today’s Free Press, the city could be getting as much as $100 million for such things as demolition and additional police services. True to their earlier warning that the administration simply could not find a way, politically or otherwise, to legitimize any kind of bailout, the Feds aren’t exactly handing over $100 free and clear. What they are doing, however, is working all other angles, both private and public, to get the job done.

Hey, I don’t care where they dough comes from, just so long as it gets here in time.

Obama administration officials could announce Friday in Detroit that more than $100 million in federal and private funds — some new money, some previously announced — will be made available for demolitions, policing and transportation, a person with knowledge of the officials’ scheduled meeting with state and local leaders said Wednesday.

Two days before the summit, much of the agenda — as well as the list of all participants — remained a mystery, though some details have emerged.

Among the possibilities: a $20-million private-sector match for the $52 million in federal demolition funds Detroit received; $10 million in grants to beef up policing around schools; technical assistance from Washington in freeing up as much as $100 million in transportation funds that haven’t been put to use because the city hasn’t met the qualifications.

This is a good sign. A very good sign indeed.


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