For love of horror: Clive Barker’s Pinhead coming back this spring

And I, for one, can hardly sit still waiting to get my hands on this thing. No joke.

“The Scarlet Gospels,” which brings back Pinhead, is set to be released in May.

I can’t even begin to say how much of a fan I am of Clive Barker’s work. At his best, I can’t think of many other writers in the genre who have written works that actually scared me to the point where I imposed my own rule prohibiting me from reading his stuff late at night. Because if I ever dream of Pinhead, I know for a fact I will wake up in an altered state not too easily repaired. And that’s if I manage to wake up.

Like a lot – a whole lot –  of other readers, I’m a fan of Stephen King as well. Have been for a long time. But what sets Barker apart from King and the rest of the horror pack is that Barker’s imagination takes him to dark places where I suspect even the devil himself is scared to go. Barker imagines worlds  constructed from the torn flesh of not only our worst nightmares but our waking knowledge of who we truly are as humans. Barker specializes in walking around in that internal space that stands between who most of us are and who we might actually become if we gave in to all of our desires with no inhibition or regret. Then he cranks up the volume and writes a book about what he’s seen. Anyone who has read the “Books of Blood” series of short stories knows what I’m talking about.

As a writer who believes in listening to the voices in my head to create my characters, I don’t know how I would ever keep my sanity if I had to play host to those chain rattling shrieks and moans inside of Barker’s cranium. The creatures and scenarios he comes up with always leave me wondering how any one person’s imagination can possibly stretch that far. Maybe he takes it to the gym regularly for workouts. Feeds it steroids. Something.

No one man should be in sole possession of that much imagination all for himself. It just ain’t right.


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