Fast food should not equal cheap wages

Don’t run. FIGHT.

Anybody who has been to a -so-called ‘fast food’ establishment within the past decade or so is well aware that these aren’t just young kids working there anymore for an after-school or summer job. There are honest-to-goodness grownups working at Mickey D’s now, and some of them have as many gray hairs on full display as I do. And I got more than a few, thank you.

Which, of course, is why it makes perfect sense – or should – that so many fast food employees decided to abandon their posts for a day last week and go on strike for better wages. I’m sure to some this may have been a risky move, one that could result in some sort of retaliation from management for daring to ask for enough money to survive on, but from down here on the ground, it’s considerably more risky not to raise your voice because you know if you don’t then nobody will ever hear you.

One thing is for sure; fast food employees are the only ones who know how bad t really is, which means they are the only ones qualified to make enough noise to bring about any kind of change. Fast food should not automatically equal cheap wages.


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