Detroit’s water crisis; an ideal sci fi dystopian moment

We need water… Image Credit: The Mary

Watching and waiting (waiting…?) as Detroit’s ongoing water shutoff crisis continues, it’s hard for me to miss how much this storyline closely resembles that of a dystopian novel. As a matter of fact, the entire city of Detroit is a dystopian novel in many ways, perpetually trying to write itself out of the sorts of things that you normally see happening in dystopian novels and movies.

Sometimes we control the narrative. Sometimes the narrative controls us.


Consider, for example, the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road” (one of my favorites for this year hands-down). I consider the comparison to Detroit in this case oddly appropriate because of that scene near the beginning – and then the answering scene near the end – involving how access to water is used by the overlords to enslave and control the masses. I don’t believe in spoiler alerts, so I’ll just leave it there. But if you’ve seen the movie, and you live in Detroit, then maybe you had the same kind of reflex twinge reaction when that scene  hit the screen. Or maybe you just got thirsty.

But hey, it’s just science fiction.



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