Detroit music is the envy of the world. Period.

Detroit music

From a recent article I wrote for Model D Detroit entitled, “It’s time to capitalize on Detroit’s status as a music capital.”

Many of us like to think we know the size of the job on Mayor Duggan’s plate, yet most of us don’t have a clue. Nor do we want a clue. Just fix it. But we can reasonably agree that the size of this endeavor is somewhere between gargantuan and ridiculous. Big enough to crush the plate into dust.
But having said that, and all well-deserved sympathies aside, we must make the point — repeatedly and at ever-increasing volume — that Detroit music is so much more than simply good, foot-tapping entertainment. It is so much more than Motown and Berry Gordy. It’s bigger than all of that.
Besides cars, music is what we do better than anyone else. In America, when you do something much better than anyone else, that usually means there is money to be made. A lot of money.
So here’s the picture: Detroit is broke. Detroit needs money. To get money, you need sources of revenue. Done right (no simple challenge in Detroit), the promotion, marketing, and performance of Detroit music could generate a significant amount of money for this city over the long haul. And by “long haul” I don’t mean 20 to 30 years. I mean more like five to 10.

No other city can compete with Detroit music. Anywhere.

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