Detroit music could be the engine that drives city’s recovery. Or at least the wheels to take it there


Detroit is not an easy town for musicians, but then Detroit is not an easy town for anyone. If you want the Big Easy, head south. Here in the Motor City, we take an almost perverse pride in doing things the hard way, or whatever way that means we can be left alone to do our thing however we want.

In Detroit, we don’t always play well with others. Sometimes we pay a steep price for that. But when it comes to the music, the results would indicate that this sort of middle finger independence has worked to our advantage. From Motown to Techno, from  jazz to blues, from rap to rock, from hip hop to R&B, Detroit has proven to be the international gold standard when it comes to musical creativity. If you don’t believe me, try and name any other city anywhere with such a deep bench of musical heavy hitters across so many genres who either were born here or began their careers here. Don’t wanna brag but…well… I kinda do. It’s not overselling when it’s the truth.

For the rest of my article, read it here in Model D Detroit

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