Detroit Emergency Manager’s planned tour of the ‘hood no good

And this is a surprise? Seriously?

Oh, I’m sorry. Let me rewind the tape a bit. Today the story comes out that Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has decided to cancel his planned sympathy-for-the-ghetto bus tour of Detroit’s harder-hit neighborhoods because those angry creditors who were supposed to be taking the tour apparently began deciding they didn’t want to get on the bus after all. Orr’s plan, if that’s what you can call it, was to encourage some of Detroit’s largest creditors (meaning those who Detroit owes a hell of a lot of money to and cannot repay) to hop on the bus with him and tour the ghetto so they could see for themselves just how bad things really are in our fair city and then break down in tears at the awfulness of it all, after which they would supposedly experience a blinding light (see Damascus) that would remove the scales from their eyes, permitting them to find forgiveness and kindness in their hearts and work with Brother Orr to do whatever they could to prevent Detroit from going into bankruptcy.

Well, a few things kinda gave these guys second thoughts about the bus tour. For example, there’s this report this from the Detroit News:

Initially, 25 people — mostly bondholders, insurers and other unsecured creditors from New York City and New Jersey — signed up but several have canceled in the wake of media attention and interest in covering the tour. The tour required creditors to sign a waiver indemnifying the city if anyone was injured or killed during the roughly three-hour trip.

“The creditors are pulling out — they don’t want their pictures taken,” (Emergency Manager spokesman Bill) Nowling said.

Really, Bill? You think it was the pictures? I dunno, I’m kinda leaning toward them mulling over having to sign that little waiver, you know, just in case they get killed or something.

Oh, and the other reason I’m thinking they reneged? Because these are businessmen, pal. Their objective is to make a return on their investment, not to cut Detroit a break because they sympathize with how hard life is in Detroit. You really think they give a damn about that? Please.

The one we need to be putting on a bus is Kevyn Orr.

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