Death of the Voting Rights Act has unleashed the locusts

There’s so much to say about the SCOTUS decision today to severely weaken the Voting Rights Act that it’s hard to know where to begin. And rather than try to write some long and winding road of a post that attempts to devour the issue whole, I think it makes more sense to just keep coming back to this because this just may (I hope) turn out to be the issue that lights a spark beneath  the masses to raise complete and utter holy hell between now and November 2014.

It’s not so much that anyone who was paying attention was all that surprised at what the Supremes decided to do, because the conservative majority has been telegraphing their intent for weeks. Rather, what we can see swarming over the horizon like a horde of red locusts is a re-energized Republican right who is already using this warped decision to unleash voter suppression the likes of which we haven’t even imagined. Because now they have the law – or the absence thereof – on their side. Which means they can begin erasing more than a half century of progress as if it were nothing more than a meaningless word written in pencil on a napkin.

We let ourselves be steamrolled in 2010 for reasons that made no sense whatsoever. If Democrats and progressives don’t go to war this time and regain control of Congress in 2014 then it’s hard to calculate the loss to the nation. The election of President Barack Obama and everything he represented and tried to accomplish will be wiped out before he even completes his second term.

It’s not just about what happened to the Voting Rights Act today. It’s about what that terribly misguided decision has unleashed.

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