Damn, Russell. Really?

The air must be really thin up there in those clouds surrounding Russell Simmons’ head. I come from Denver originally so I know a little something about how thin air can kinda screw with brain function. 

Not that I actually believe this would honestly explain why Mr. Simmons thought it would be funny to post a YouTube video (since removed) depicting Harriet Tubman having sex with her master while being videotaped by another slave from a closet, but I figure it would require a rather outrageous explanation to explain an outrageous action. And depicting one of history’s most courageous heroes from slavery’s era who risked her life repeatedly to shepherd hundreds of slaves to freedom as a comical sex object gettin it on with massuh is about as outrageous as it gets.

Mr. Simmons has  now removed the video and issued the standard (wink-wink) apology. Thanks Russell. And I mean that about as sincerely as your apology. Where would be as a race without brothers like you to remind us how far we have come since those dark days? Nothing like progress, Russell.

Yep. Nothing like progress.

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