Countdown to Mayonnaise Murders Book Signing Party!

MM Paperback

WHAT: Book Signing Party

WHEN: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WHERE: Bert’s Marketplace, Eastern Market, 2727 Russell Street, Detroit, MI

TIME: 7-10 p.m.

BUY THE BOOK: Books available for sale at the event, or purchase them here at our Amazon store.

WANT A PEEK: Take a look below…

You gotta understand about Planet 10. It’s a real clean little sphere. Clean water, clean air, clean sidewalks, and clean minds. Just the way it was manufactured to be over a century ago back in 2239 when Earth’s experimental planet project was in full swing. Every sector spic and span, smellin’ sweet and fresh.

            Except for Vivacious 5, which happens to be where most of us freelancers work who don’t wanna sit around all day answerin’ phones and tradin’ smalltalk. For a freelancer with ambition, Vivacious 5 is the only sector that offers any real challenge to prove yourself. That’s because Vivacious 5 is the one corner of Planet 10 the broom never found. Stinks like a damned sewer. Guess that’s why a lot of us call all the low-lifes who hang out there `niners’. Lettin’ `em know they ain’t quite evolved to 10 yet. They’re the only ones who just won’t go along with the program. They want Planet 10 back the way it used to be in the days before The Rinse kicked in, which was the final phase of the experimental planet program.

God bless The Rinse, I’m tellin’ you. Who knows how this rock woulda ended up without it. Probably like a neon comet; goin down bright, goin down fast. One dead experiment, and a whole race of Teners gone with it.

              Johnny Beardy liked hanging around those niners, which would explain what he was doing in Vivacious 5 after hours. That’s plain as day. Ain’t but a few kinds of critters go hanging around there after the third sun goes for a stroll, and that’s the kind goes looking to get their fancy tickled in all the wrong places.

             But there’s still a few things I don’t understand.

               “You mean, like, what he was doing walking around naked on a strange planet, hey? Nice trench coat by the way. Hat too. You do that color yellow a glooooriousss favor.”

               Oooh. That voice. Cripes. It was enough to get my motor runnin’ every time. Kinda voice make a critter wanna do things to himself. When I looked over my shoulder at Vee, saw her standin there in those tall spiked pink heels and short, tight purple skirt, I felt my breath get sucked right outta my stomach. Such a gorgeous creature to be a page scratcher. Too gorgeous. And she knew how to use it.


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