Cory Booker loves (is scared of) Israel


Certainly there are those who have admired Sen. Cory Booker from afar who are now somewhat flummoxed (I’ve always wanted to use that word) at his decision not to support President Barack Obama’s historic deal with Iran. Some, who are strongly pro-Israel, no doubt find themselves pleasantly flummoxed. Others who aren’t quite so reflexively supportive of Israel no matter what Israel does are somewhat more disturbingly flummoxed. After all, as someone who has been frequently compared to the president as a rising African American star with national potential, why choose this particularly thorny issue to keep his distance? And why has he chosen to make that move so soon, when he’s barely had time to even unpack and settle into his new office?


For the rest of this article I wrote for PoliticusUSA, click here.

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