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I guess this is still a transition for me, the whole reading a book on an iPad thing.

Well, maybe not so much of a transition anymore since it’s the way I’ve been reading books now for close to a year. But still it seems funny somehow, and the one thing that I still don’t like is how I’m, noticing some of the books don’t have pages anymore? Now there are markers?

I’m sorry, but I’m just not feeling these markers, man. I want to know what damned page I’m on, OK? Just being able to locate where I left off isn’t the same. But then I guess that’s sort of the point is that nothing is the same anymore. And perhaps I’m letting my advancing years make me crotchety.

But not so crotchety that I couldn’t see what was coming down the highway straight at me. Not that paper books will be a thing of the past anytime soon (I surely hope not), but it’s clear that a major shift has occurred. I’ll be honest and admit the one big thing that caused me to reconsider my opposition to the future was when I noticed a favorite magazine subscription on Kindle could drop to like, well, $1.99. I literally had stopped subscribing to magazines several years ago because my pocketbook complained too loudly, but when I saw that number I was pretty much sold. Same on the lower price of books, plus on the fact that my wife and I literally have no more room in the house for anymore paperback books so electronic is pretty much the only option anymore.



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