Caitlin Jenner and the meaning of freedom

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The funny thing about freedom is that everybody wants it, but nobody wants to pay for it. Because once you unlock that box, there’s always gonna be a few things ready to jump out into the light that you hadn’t anticipated. And chances are, a few of those things are the kind of things that will very possibly make you question your commitment to freedom without you even knowing that’s what you’re doing.

Take Caitlin Jenner for example.

On the  more enlightened, or at least tolerant, side of the debate we have those who wished Bruce Jenner well as he made his transition to Caitlin. More than a few pointed out that it was Caitlin’s star power as a celebrated Olympic athlete that garnered so much fawning attention to the issue of transgender individuals. The additional fact that this was a white man making the change, many of that same group pointed out, made Jenner’s transition that much less remarkable than the hype would have us all believe. But despite that internal debate, which certainly isn’t irrelevant by any stretch, Jenner’s decision to transition was not considered to be the problem at all. The problem was how much coverage Caitlin was getting, and why was she the one getting it? Which, in its own way, is still a sign of progress.

But then there were those who we all knew would be dutifully sounding off about the immorality of it all, the sickness of it all, the God-is-gonna-strike-us-dead of it all. This same twisted chorus has been singing that same off-key refrain at every overheated  gathering of American intolerance and bigotry since the slaughter of Native Americans was considered perfectly legal to make way for progress…

…and freedom.

Yep. Freedom. Because right here is something you can take to the bank and it won’t bounce; some of the most intolerant people you’ll ever see are the same ones waving a flag and screaming about good ole’ American freedom. How great it is to live in the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free.

etc. etc. etc.

Until freedom starts acting like freedom. Because freedom opens wide…

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