Bringing out the best in me

Somethin about that heat…

It was a funny thing when I used to run track as a kid, something I never quite understood. Because, at least on the surface, it just didn’t add up the way it should.

Why is it I could never run as fast on the track when I was running all alone as I could when I had somebody pushing me?

It could be the same weather conditions, I could be wearing the same uniform with the same track spikes, but it didn’t matter. I could eat the exact same thing for  breakfast and lunch prior to training, and I could run in the same lane on the same track. Still didn’t matter. Because no matter how hard I thought I was pushing myself I could never push myself as hard as I did when there was the threat of someone trying to pass me by. That was one thing I just couldn’t stand.

Something about sitting on a fire makes you jump a whole lot higher…

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