Black Sci Fi: You don’t talk black

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This short little piece on Afropunk entitled “27 things You Had to Deal With as The Only Black Kid In Your Class” cracked me up, mostly because I can relate. When I re-posted the above image on Facebook, which was one of the images in the piece, I got quite a response from my peeps, which let me know they got the gist of the joke too. Which was nice because this is one of those awkward life experiences where you’re not always sure you wanna share so you’re glad when folks kinda get it.

Because, OK, here’s the thing; I didn’t always talk as black as I do now. ‘Cause now, me livin’ in Detroit and all like that, I talk as black as Isaac Hayes on a street with no lights. As black as George Clinton when he’s back in the ‘hood. As black as 50 Cent when he only had a penny. As black as…

Blaaaaaaaack, dawg…

But once upon a time, in a little town called Denver oh so long ago, I do recall those days when I was indeed the only black kid in the class. To be fair, however, I still have a number of lifelong friends from those days that I stay in close touch with, and I had some great times. I was actually popular on occasion. So I can’t sit here and say that every day was like sitting at the lunch counter in Mississippi. It wasn’t. But believe me when I say that there were more than a few times when I heard comments like the one above. Matter of fact, I heard that exact comment directed at me more than once.

And why is this experience  like sci fi? Particularly black sci fi? Because of the ‘other’. How do you think it was for Spock on Starship Enterprise? Sure they appreciated him, and  he was a valued member of the crew, but those ears, man…

You don’t always get to choose in this life. Or your life.

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2015-06-14 15:30:32 Reply

D.A.W.G. == Dumb Ass White Guy

But physics works the same way for everybody, Blacks, Whites and Aliens.


    2016-05-17 10:53:56 Reply

    That’s a clever answer to a tricky quesoitn

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