As Republicans feast on themselves, important issues treated as table crumbs


The latest Republican dietary fad

So will we ever get immigration reform? I’m somewhat hopeful but far from certain.

Look, so long as the hard-right Republicans continue to pursue a strategy of blowing up the Obama presidency as a top priority at all costs, even after he handily won a second term, then it’s difficult to envision a way forward through the fog when so much time and money is being spent yanking the nation backward. It has already been documented on more than one occasion how readily the Republicans will change their stance on an issue in a flaming hot second if they discover their stance of the moment happens to align with the stance of POTUS. Doesn’t matter if they thought they believed something, because if it turns out the President believes it too then by all means they must reset their course on the intrepid  S.S. Lemming and set sail for the opposite direction. Doesn’t really matter on what rocky shores the opposite course may land them, just so long as they’re headed on course Due Opposite.

And as far as the immigration reform issue goes, one would think that this might be a key issue where it wouldn’t be that hard for any gathering of intelligent Republicans to rally around. After all, they did get their well-roasted hindquarters handed to them by the Latino vote in November during the presidential election when all of the so-called ‘minority’ groups of America showed they just might not be so minor after all, especially when they could all agree (without even holding a conference call) that the Republican Party was the worst thing that could ever happen to them and their particular interests. Wasn’t long after that when a handful of Republicans such as Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal tried their hand at being bold and standing up to their party by pointing out how ignorant and self-destructive it was to be  racist and discriminatory. Jindal even went so far as to label his party the “stupid party” after the losses tallied up during the 2012 elections. This just was not the way to run a major party with hopes of continuing to be relevant. Outreach was key.

And for that brief, shining moment in history, it looked like the clouds had parted and common sense had shown down upon the Republican Party. Yes, for that brief…

Wait. What’s this I read from PoliticusUSA…?

So far, there have been more than 300 proposed changes filed by members of the Judiciary panel, and none were meant to make passing reform easier. Already, conservatives are exerting pressure on Republicans to oppose any path to citizenship and extending the same rights to LGBT citizens, or exempting them from the Defense of Marriage Act’s prohibitions will be more than enough reason for most Republicans to oppose reform, and that is just in the Senate. If, by some miracle, the Senate does pass a reform bill there is little chance it will get through the House regardless if gays are discriminated against or not. Shortly after the Boston  marathon bombing, a phalanx of Islamophobes came out in opposition to reform because, among other reasons, they are worried al-Qaeda terrorists will “do Hispanic things” to sneak across the border, commit acts of terror, and kill innocent Americans.


Damn. That really was  brief.

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