Another classic Metro Times column

I think this about says it all…

Going back in time to my “Free Your Mind” column-writing days at the Detroit Metro Times. From “The High Cost of Being Poor”, brought to you fresh from the MT archive.

“This is one of those things most folks who’ve never had to experience economic hard times can never seem to understand. That’s not to say everyone living a comfortable life should automatically be written off as callous and uncaring toward those less fortunate than themselves, because that simply isn’t true. What I amsaying is that even among some of the most compassionate well-to-do, it is still extremely difficult to fully appreciate and understand what it’s like to live in complete desperation from day to day, yet still be required to pay proportionately — and significantly — more for basic services and necessities than wealthier Americans.

“To say the least, this is backward.”

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