Am I too old to have fun?











So tomorrow night we go see Ironman 3. Is it wrong to be 55 and still enthralled with comic book characters? Is it really so wrong? Aren’t I supposed to be watching some really deep shit instead concerning the hidden messages to humanity burned into the spiritual psyche of Easter Island or something like that?

Should I be wearing this Funkadelic T-shirt? The one with the artwork on the front of the screaming black woman’s head with the really big fro? And on the back it says, “Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow”? Or should I have one with Chopin instead? Or Beethoven? Or at least Duke Ellington…

Should I even be wearing T-shirts?

Suddenly I feel like I’m supposed to be sophisticated and setting some kinda example for somebody else’s kids whom I’ve never met because I’m now mature and somebodyy somewhere said that’s what we ‘elders’ are supposed to do so that the world will continue to turn in the right direction.

Must all role models smoke pipes?





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