The Mayonnaise Murders, Chapter 9, Scene 2
/ April 29, 2015 0 COMMENTS

When the lights did come back on, I guess I wasn’t that surprised to see our hosts were nowhere in sight. I was a little surprised to see we were all in what looked to be a whole other room, even though not one of us had flexed so much as a gill or a…

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The Mayonnaise Murders, Chapter 9, Scene 1
/ April 27, 2015 0 COMMENTS

I stood there in the middle of the road watching Vee disappear, I guess just wondering. Not wondering any one particular thing, but just wondering. I think pretty much any man watching a woman like Vee disappear, knowing that his only companions for the next who-knows-how-long were gonna be an ex-rock star, an ugly geek…

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Fire and Wanda, Chapter 4, Scene 3
/ April 24, 2015 0 COMMENTS

When I walked into the apartment I could hear the blare of the television coming from the back, but that didn’t necessarily mean Max was sleep since he always slept with the TV on. But then I heard him break out laughing all by himself and I knew we were in for a good night….

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The meaning of Art X Detroit
/ April 23, 2015 0 COMMENTS

As Art X Detroit winds down to its final weekend of events, I think it’s worth considering for a second what this can mean for the Motor City, because just putting the word ‘Art’ next to the word ‘Detroit’ signaling an event which people should attend is indicative of a local shift in perception, a…

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Mumia Abu-Jamal is a Sci Fi nerd…?
/ April 22, 2015 0 COMMENTS

One thing I didn’t know, which I shall now add to that teetering mountain populated by all those other things I don’t know, was that imprisoned political activist Mumia Abu-Jamal is a sci fi nerd. Yes. Seriously. So the best thing that happened to me this weekend was my “Sci Fi in Living Color” event…

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