Octavia Butler’s Brood is soon…
/ October 31, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Just checking in on one of my more favorite sites, Nerds of Color, and saw the news that  the long-awaited sci-fi anthology Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction From Social Justice Movements  is close. Very close. There are any number of reasons why this is such good news, not the least of which is Octavia Butler. Period. Those…

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Mayonnaise Murders Part 2 is HERE!
/ October 20, 2014 3 COMMENTS

  The Mayonnaise Murders Part 2 is here! I know it’s been almost a year since Part 1, but I wanted to get this just right. I’m really hoping you’ll find it worth the wait. I’m not kidding, I had a ball writing this, so if you have half as much fun reading it as…

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Countdown to Mayonnaise Murders Part 2
/ October 16, 2014 0 COMMENTS

  The Mayonnaise Murders Part 2 is coming Oct. 20. The wild and wacky adventures of  the outcasts from Planet 10, the mutant human/chicken hybrids hell-bent on revenge, a poorly dressed human/critter halfbreed who leads them, and so much more… Here is another sample scene.   2 Two hours later, Ronnie was behind the wheel of…

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The Mayonnaise Murders Part 2 coming October 20
/ October 14, 2014 0 COMMENTS

      Coming Oct. 20! The Mayonnaise Murders Part 2! Here’s another peek… Chapter 20, Scene 3 Deep Cluck reached for the mic, motioning for the scratcher to step back. She shook her head, clutching the mic tighter. This was likely the biggest story she was ever going to come across, and no way…

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Gotham, still reaching for the hype
/ October 7, 2014 0 COMMENTS

Like a lot of us comic book/scifi/fantasy/slightly left of normal grownups who defy adulthood types, I’ve been waiting for ‘Gotham‘ for a long time. Probably before I even knew a series like this was even in the works. This was the kind of show that I was looking forward to before there was anything to…

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