Wake me when it’s over, Detroit
/ June 27, 2013 0 COMMENTS

I just keep wanting to wake up to a sunny day and none of this ever happened. Yesterday, on the same day that the US Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which was a huge victory for gays and progressive-minded people everywhere, openly gay Detroit City Council President Charles Pugh disappeared and…

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Death of the Voting Rights Act has unleashed the locusts
/ June 26, 2013 0 COMMENTS

There’s so much to say about the SCOTUS decision today to severely weaken the Voting Rights Act that it’s hard to know where to begin. And rather than try to write some long and winding road of a post that attempts to devour the issue whole, I think it makes more sense to just keep…

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The Self Employment Chronicles Part 2
/ June 24, 2013 0 COMMENTS

After losing my “good government job” with Wayne County in August, 2006, I gave myself 24 hours to get myself together and that was it. The mortgage company couldn’t care less what I was going through, and neither would the rest of my bills. That much I knew.  It was time to get busy. Still,…

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Keith’s Classics: A favorite column on voting rights
/ June 20, 2013 0 COMMENTS

Every so often I like to reach back to one of my old Metro Times columns. Here’s one on voting rights that I wrote back in 2006. Hope you enjoy. http://www2.metrotimes.com/news/story.asp?id=9466 Chicken Littles and voting rights   BY KEITH A. OWENS Published 7/26/2006 SEE ALSO FREE YOUR MIND ARCHIVES MORE POLITICS STORIES Shaming our state (10/6/2010) Instead of making…

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Nothing like a vote of confidence from back home…
/ June 19, 2013 6 COMMENTS

There’s nothing like a little support from the home team. As I have written in earlier posts, I first started writing my novel “The Mayonnaise Murders” 20 years ago. I had to put it down after about a year due to various life circumstances, primarily going out on strike against my former employer the Detroit…

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