Let’s Go Crazy again. Reflections on Purple Rain
/ May 19, 2015 0 COMMENTS

Not long after I moved back home to Denver from Chicago, where I lived for four years pursuing my dream of making a living as a writer and musician (scaring my mother to death when I announced I would be leaving home literally one week after picking up my college diploma with no job prospects…

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Mad Men is proof good stories still matter
/ May 18, 2015 1 COMMENTS

I’ll admit there were some aspects of the “Mad Men” finale that left me a bit unsatisfied, but it’s rare when a series finale ever leaves the fans satisfied, especially  when it’s a series as good as “Mad Men”. Besides, there are tons of others who can do a much better – and lengthier – dissection of…

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Live your life ’til it’s over; the lesson of B.B. King
/ May 15, 2015 1 COMMENTS

The biggest lesson from the death of B.B. King is life. I’ve listened to all the commentators discuss King’s immense contribution to American culture and music, not to mention what a kind and gentle man so many say that he was. Although I never met him personally, it’s not hard for me to believe this…

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Fire and Wanda, Chapter 5, Scene 3
/ May 15, 2015 0 COMMENTS

A partially opened packet of bologna and a half-loaf of Wonderbread lay on a small scratched-up table jammed up against the radiator. Balanced precariously on top of the radiator was the heating pan he planned to use to fry up the meat. Why he chose to have the pan on top of the radiator instead…

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The Muppets are coming back, man!
/ May 14, 2015 0 COMMENTS

I just had a birthday, the kind which puts me way too close to 60. But then I saw where The Muppets are coming back to TV this fall and I’m, like, five all over again. And likin’ it. There’s nothing like the Muppets, man. Nothing. Well, except maybe Looney Tunes. No, seriously. Here’s what I…

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